About Us.

Grays Harbor Transition Council: Empowering Transitions to Adulthood

The transition from high school to the vast world beyond can be daunting. That’s where the Grays Harbor Transition Council steps in, dedicated to providing information and resources at this crucial phase, helping students and families navigate the myriad of choices and challenges that lie ahead. By offering guidance, support, and tangible tools, the Grays Harbor Transition Council ensures that every student is equipped with the knowledge and confidence to embark on their next chapter, be it higher education, vocational training, employment, or community involvement. We understand the complexities of this pivotal moment, and our mission is to pave a smoother path, bridging the gap between school and the opportunities that await in the wider world.

Who We Are

The Grays Harbor Transition Council is a collective of esteemed institutions and agencies, each bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Our members include:


The Grays Harbor Transition Council is honored to be led by Dee Dee Garman, Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist with Grays Harbor County Public Health. With her guidance and vision, the Council continues to stride forward in its mission to aid students during this pivotal period in their lives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to actively engage with students and their families, connecting them to vital resources that support employment, ongoing education, and community assimilation. We offer a yearly Transition Fair at Grays Harbor College and online, host Transition Presentations at local high schools for students and parents, and provide Community Liaison services where a council representative can attend a student's IEP or 504 plan meeting to share information on community resources.

Our endeavors bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world prospects. Our comprehensive strategy guarantees that students and their families receive timely information, support, and empowerment to confidently navigate life after school. By fostering a collaborative environment and maintaining regular interactions, we cultivate a sense of community, preparing our young individuals with the necessary tools and insights to flourish in their upcoming journeys. Our commitment to facilitating a smooth transition from school to work and community participation signifies our investment in a promising and inclusive future for everyone.