Grays Harbor Transition Council.

Guiding Potential, Empowering Futures

Our Mission: Shaping Brighter Futures

The Grays Harbor Transition Council is a group of dedicated individuals from local agencies and school districts, all committed to ensuring that high school students receiving special education services experience a smooth and empowering transition into adulthood.

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Our Services: Guiding Students Towards Success

We have designed our services with a keen focus on addressing the unique needs and aspirations of our students. Our offerings include Community Liaison Services, Transition Presentations, and our highly regarded annual Transition Fair.

Our Community Liaisons play a crucial role within the Transition Council, serving as vital connectors between students, their families, and valuable community resources. These dedicated liaisons offer invaluable support by actively participating in Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 plan meetings, sharing essential information about community resources to aid students in their post-high school journey.

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Transition Presentations: Knowledge is the foundation of empowerment. 
Guided by this belief, our council members conduct informative transition presentations each school year for students, their families, and school staff at local high schools throughout Grays Harbor County. Through these presentations, we build an extensive network of awareness and support, helping all involved understand the wealth of opportunities available in the community.

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An event not to be missed, our annual Transition Fair brings students and families in direct contact with various community resources. From vocational training centers to local businesses and further education institutions, the fair presents a full spectrum of exciting possibilities, enabling students to envisage a future full of potential.

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Our Commitment: Empowering Every Student

Here at the Grays Harbor Transition Council, we are steadfast in our mission to empower students who receive special education services, guiding their transition to life after high school. By connecting them with a host of community resources and helping them understand the many opportunities available, we strive to build a future filled with self-confidence and independence for every student.

Join us in our journey towards creating brighter futures - because at Grays Harbor Transition Council, we're all about guiding potential and empowering futures.

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